Healthy Relationship

Healthy Relationship Tip – Pickles Or Ice Cream?

When things don’t go right, especially when it’s one thing after another after another, it’s easy to get into a bad mood. Sometimes things don’t go right for such a long time, the bad mood becomes a habit that harms your relationship. How can you kick the bad mood habit and get back to a healthy relationship?

Once upon a time you were a fun date. You and your man laughed over small things, enjoyed each other’s company, and shared in jokes only the two of you understood. Then life happened, stresses piled up and tension took all that away.

When the woman in the mirror looks like no fun to be around, how can you get back to that easy friendship you once enjoyed with your man? Never mind that you think you don’t have time for this silly stuff. It’s three easy steps to a better frame of mind that gets you back on top and in your power groove.

You’re in a bad mood for a reason–perhaps not the reason you think.

You have every right to your bad mood. Whip out a piece of paper–the back of the overdue electric bill envelope will do for starters–and pour out all your reasons.

Get into total gripe mode and flame everyone and everything that makes you mad. If you worry someone you’re supposed to love will see this brimstone stuff, you can burn it afterwards. Just go all out. Wallow in your misery. Write how and why your hair’s on fire and this is the end of the world as we know it.

Feel lighter somehow? Good. You scorched the paper with your words and now your body need release.

Move it or lose it.

Stomp around the house, go for a walk, do lunges, kicks and punches–anything that gets your blood moving. I don’t care what you do as long as you burn off those old tensions and sweat out the poisons you’ve been harboring, the poisons that hurt you and your relationship. Some of us don’t express our frustrations in words very well, but we can move. Get that heart rate up so endorphins kick in, those good old happy-feeling hormones that kick a bad mood right in the tail.

Tuneful toning up treatment for tantrums.

Power up. Crank up some music you like. If you’re marching around the house, play something that helps you strut your stuff like the guy who leads a parade with a big baton. Okay, if you feel ridiculous you can close the curtains so you don’t scare the neighbors. Then feel free to shake your backside to a silly piece of music you loved as a kid. Sing along, wave your arms, be the kid with ice cream.

Motivation By Kicking Butt

Motivation By Kicking Butt

Some people respond to being yelled at and even sworn at. This brings out that extra bit of effort and they become highly motivated. Others are just angered by the apparent lack of respect shown them and will walk out of whatever training program they are in.

However, if you can accept a kick up the butt in the spirit in which it was intended it can provide useful motivation. When I trained in Shotokan Karate many years ago, the instructor, Graham, believed in kick butt or kick stomach motivation.

He would have us running over each other’s stomachs in the warm up and in one lesson commanded us to kick each other in the stomach as hard as we could. He warned my partner that he must kick me harder or he would kick him. My partner took the hint and I could feel the vomit rising up into my throat. The threat of being kicked hard by the instructor had definitely increased his motivation!

This kind of kick butt motivation does work so long as the students do not leave the class but it is not too healthy. I now have stomach problems which might have had their origins in that one lesson. On the other hand, Graham, who worked in a hospital, once skillfully restored my finger which had been dislocated by a kick from that same partner, Dave.

Balance was restored a little when Dave threw a kick at my ribs in a free sparring session and his instep connected with the point of my elbow. He collapsed in agony on the floor. I felt no guilt or pity; just quiet satisfaction!

Gordon Ramsay is a three star Michelin chef who yells and swears at the people he is training. Some people hate this approach; others admire it.

What motivates Gordon is a quest for perfection. His father prompted him to be the best at what he did and Gordon used his own steely resolve to reach high standards at whatever he was interested in.

He became a soccer player for the top Scottish club, Rangers. The great Rangers manager, Jock Wallace believed in a tough approach and this probably influenced Gordon Ramsay.

Jock Wallace was a fitness fanatic. He made his players run up and down the sand dunes until they dropped. He would punch his players in the stomach as they were walking down the corridor. If they collapsed in pain, he would make them go to the gym and do 200 sit ups to toughen up their stomach muscles. He reminds me of my karate instructor!

Jock became one of the greatest managers that Scotland has ever known. His methods obviously worked. Probably his players shared his ambition for success and were ready to put up with some harsh treatment to reach it.

Often the tough men have a real liking for their protégés but do not want to show their softer side. The players sense their affection and grow to respect and like their managers in return. They also find that the harsh treatment raises their standards to a point where they can see the benefits of hard work for themselves and no longer need to be kicked into working hard.

Gordon eventually had a knee injury and became a chef instead of a footballer. He still gave 100% effort to achieve his goals even though his former friends felt he was taking up a woman’s trade.

He was not prepared to settle for anything except 3 Michelin stars. He would swear and bully his trainee chefs to gain perfection. When criticized for bullying them he would reply:
“We’re on a mission and that mission is perfection.”
Eventually he got his 3 Michelin stars and has become a household name in the UK.

I don’t like his swearing and bullying but can’t help liking his dynamic energy and zeal for perfection. Some one commented that he was like a man with a firework up his backside. He can’t stand still. His swearing is objectionable but it does express energy and force and generates a swift response.

He can also give people confidence and energy and really cares that things should be done properly. Sometimes we all need a kick up the butt to motivate us and need kindly Beelzebubs like Jock Wallace and Gordon Ramsay to provide the kicks.

If they are not around, we may need to give ourselves a good kicking. Kick butt motivation definitely does have its place but needs to be used sparingly and in a way which does not cause permanent physical or psychological damage.

If you would like a great kick butt book to help you give yourself a good kicking, try this one by Larry Winget:


He gives three reasons why you and I are not successful:

1. You are stupid

2. You are lazy

3. You do not give a damn.

He comments: “The common word in each of these reasons is you. You are the reason your life sucks. In other words, if your life sucks it is because you suck. It is not because conditions suck. It is you.”

Weather With A Picnic

Enjoy The Weather With A Picnic – Tips And Recipes For A Healthy Picnic

Going on a nice picnic is a great way that you can create some wonderful memories with your family. After all, there is something about the open air that just makes everything special. Forget the strawberry stains or even the ants when you are out there sharing food and fun with people you love.

The great thing is that you can enjoy some great healthy foods with a bit of planning. After all, with sealed containers, you can make about any dish portable. Some people tend to bring along high calorie foods, such as chips, for their picnic. If you want to make sure you have a healthy picnic, here are some great tips, and even a recipe you can use for a healthy picnic everyone will enjoy.

Tip #1 – Forget the Chips

Chips may be nice and crunchy, but the calories and fat can really add up fast on a picnic. Instead of taking along the chips, go with cut up veggies and fruits. They add plenty of crunch, they taste great, and they are healthy as well. It is easy to share cut up veggies and fruits on your picnic too and they will definitely add something special.

Tip #2 – Drink Healthy Drinks

You can make your picnic even more festive with a few great drinks. Avoid going with high sugar sodas while you are on the picnic. One great option is to go with seltzer that has a bit of juice for a festive drink that does not include alcohol. Boxed wines are another tasty choice – just do not drink too much. Since you will be outdoors, ensure you get plenty of water as well so you do not end up dealing with dehydration.

Tip #3 – Keep Everything Cool

You also need to ensure that you keep everything cool when you go out on a picnic, especially those perishables. Use small plastic containers to keep the perishables in. Then you can put them in an ice chest and keep them nice and cold until you are ready to begin eating. This way you avoid having to deal with any food poisoning, which is sure to ruin your picnic.

Tip #4 – Have Dessert Too

No picnic is really complete until you have a nice dessert. Of course, you do not have to go with high calorie desserts to have something everyone will enjoy. One of the natural options that makes a great and low calorie dessert is watermelon. Sure, it is messy and sticky, but it is definitely a crowd pleasure. Another option is to go with other fresh fruits that are in season for the dessert. Berries are a great option that offer you plenty of antioxidants, which makes a healthy dessert that tastes great and helps improve health too.

Salsa Verde Recipe

If you are taking along veggies or some healthy whole grain chips, salsa is definitely going to be a great addition to the picnic. Try this salsa recipe for a healthy kick.


2 large jalapenos with the stems removed
3 pounds of tomatillos, rinsed and husked
5 cloves of garlic, peeled
5 bunches of cilantro fresh, trimmed of any thick stems
½ teaspoons of ground cumin
1/3 cup fresh mint leaves, packed1.
5 teaspoons of salt
5 teaspoons of vegetable or olive oil

Mix jalapenos and tomatillos in a sauce pan. Cover them with water and boil. Simmer on lower heat until they are soft. Allow to stand to cool for 15 minutes, then drain. Use a food processor to chop garlic, cumin, and tomatillo mixture. Add the other ingredients and blend until you have a chunky salsa. Heat up the oil in a saucepan. Add your salsa and simmer it until it thickens. Should reduce down to about 4 cups. Stir in the salt last. Cool and serve later.

Kick-Start to Your Mornings

Fabulous Five Ways To Get a Healthy Kick-Start to Your Mornings!

Fabulous Five ways To Get a Healthy Kick-Start to Your Mornings!

Did you have a party hangover while you woke up late today? Are you prone to head-aches in the mornings? Are you lazy enough to enjoy the beautiful sunrise? Well, questions like these may be endless, but it all ends up on one nastier question- ‘when will I get healthy a Kick-start to my mornings’?

Don’t worry and simply relax for we have some fabulous five solutions to your problems. Just take a look!

1. Be ‘Aqua shine’
Water is the best medicine! Take at least two glasses of warm water as soon as you wake up. It breaks the cholesterol contents inside your body and smoothens your morning bowel movements. It’s the best kick-start to your healthy morning if you need to be away from obesity and sinus problems.

2. Go Green
No wonder why more and more people choose to prefer Green-tea than the CTC-product. Green-teas have from ages proven to be great antioxidants and immunity efficient. So, as you wake up don’t forget to arrange for a packet of tea-bags in your kitchen shelf. Again avoid sugar and preferably go for honey-lemon or sugar free cubes for that lovely beginning. You will not only feel rejuvenated but the effects of honey and lemon will work wonders on your skin giving it a bright look.

3. Why get up for an exercise?
Start your day by making the ‘right moves’. Begin to stretch while you are lying on your bed still. Circle your ankles and toes a bit, wiggle them, press the finger-tips of one hand with that of the others and feel the blood circulation get ‘lively’ and active inside your body.

4. Invoke your senses
Didn’t you change your morning alarm yet? There are innumerable morning mantras, healing music, chants and spiritual music available in the market. Why not choose a favourite one to wake you up for a healthy kick-start to your otherwise boring mobile-alarm. I’m sure it would do enough to invoke your senses and would give your mornings a peaceful thrust.

5. Delightful breakfast
Get ready to feel a bit pampered with some delicious yet nutritious breakfast. Nothing like sprouted beans sautéed a bit in olive oil and a glass of fresh juice to make your day go ‘zesty’ and ‘zingy’. You always have so many innovative methods for a colourful breakfast routing. A diet planner, recipes downloaded from the internet or even nearby book store are few examples of resources available out there.

Healthy Kick

Give Your Tastebuds a Healthy Kick – Becoming a Vegetarian

The vegetarian lifestyle is not all plain tofu and soggy broccoli, like many people think – there are so many options for everyone’s tastes and dietary choices. Anyone, at any age, can decide to change their diet and improve their life by cutting certain items out of their everyday meals. Try starting out with a “lacto-ovo” diet – this means someone will eat both dairy products and eggs. This is the simplest first step to take when adjusting to a meat-free diet. Your protein sources are still varied and calcium intake isn’t affected as much as in other forms of vegetarianism. from here, you can take a baby step: a Lacto-vegtarian ingests dairy in addition to vegetable-based foods, and an Ovo-vegetarian includes eggs but not dairy in their diet; or jump right in to the “real” vegetarian way of eating! This means all your protein is plant-based, and none of your dietary needs are met by animal-sourced products. Carrying this animal-free mentality over into your clothing choices and other aspects of your lifestyle names you a Vegan – it’s not as difficult as you think and there are organizations and support groups to help you on your way.

Don’t Want to Give Up Your Current Favorite Foods? You Don’t Have To!

Not ready to take the plunge? No worries! Come in and have a great night out with a loved one. No one will ask you what you had for dinner last night – all we want is for you to have a good time and some really tasty food. from Latino-spiced vegetarian mole to Asian-inspired noodle bowls, we have something to make everyone smile – and go home full. Don’t forget to save room for dessert – you’d be amazed what our kitchen staff can do with a little inspiration and know-how.

Kick Start Diet

Understanding the Kick Start Diet

The Kick Start Diet works in three stages, with each stage offering more food choices. Stage one is centered around vegetable-heavy soups. The soup boots energy levels and promotes a healthy immune system, and because it is an extremely low calorie meal, dieters can eat as much as they like. In addition to the soup, the plan allows for some meats, rice and fruit as well. Dieters are also expected to begin a 30-minute a day exercise plan to build cardiovascular and muscle health. This portion of the Kick Start Diet does just that – “kick starts” the dieter’s healthy lifestyle. It detoxes the body from processed and fatty foods, but keeps the dieter full. This stage is only a week long, so round about the time most dieters start to feel deprived (and cheat), stage two kicks in.

Stage two of the Kick Start Diet introduces more food choices, reducing the likelihood that the dieter will fall off the wagon. The foods introduced in this stage are low on the Glycemic Index (GI). The Glycemic index measures the likelihood that a sugar or carbohydrate will raise blood sugar levels. High blood sugar is bad because it means your body is going to store fat instead of burn it. The Kick Start Diet suggests that these low GI foods be introduced by preparing regular meals, but replacing the ingredients with low GI foods. The dieter can also use the soup from stage one as a snack to stave off hunger. Again, dieters in this stage are encouraged to continue their 30 minute exercise plan.

Stage three of the Kick Start Diet introduces even more food choices into the menu. It focuses on preparing balanced, healthy meals that have a low GI, and continuing on the healthy exercise plan. By this point, the dieter should feel comfortable with low GI foods and making healthy food decisions. Introducing more foods keeps the dieter from craving variety that most diets lack. Stage three is the “reward” for stages one and two. By now the dieter’s habits should have been “kick started” on a healthy path to eating well and exercising regularly, promoting healthy weight loss and maintenance.

So unlike other diets, like the Atkins, the Lemon Detox or even novelty diets like the Chocolate Frog Diet, the Kick Start Diet lets you eat normal food without being restricted to only rabbit food.